Monitoring reduces the risk of loss, damage and personal injury.

Victims of a break-in or personal attack will fully understand the hopeless feeling of devastation and loss that follows. While it is impossible to prevent an attempted break-in, the immediate response that monitoring provides, dramatically minimizes the potential risk of loss and damage to your property.

The alarm system activates and a signal is sent to the central monitoring station, the monitoring station receives a signal and the customers details are automatically on screen within seconds. The alarm automatically tells the controller the nature of the alarm, i.e. burglary, fire, personal attack etc. The controller then telephones your premises. Should an incorrect pass code be given or no reply received, it will be treated as an emergency.

The controller immediately acts on your behalf notifying the Gardai, key holders and other relevant emergency services. All information in respect of the activation is recorded on a real time basis.


A maintenance contract will ensure that your intruder alarm is inspected and tested regularly.  You are also guaranteed a response to an emergency call within 3 hours.  It is important to keep your security system in good working order to reduce false alarms.

Even if your intruder alarm system was installed by another company, we are happy to take over and maintain any system.  All of our engineers are trained to service a wide range of intruder alarms and keep your alarm system working to the highest EN50131 standards.  Most insurance companies require you to maintain your security system as part of your insurance contract, failure to do so can lead to a result of insurance claims been refused .